Fix Up Look Sharp is a not for profit charity that gives Auckland males a fresh perspective through a personal styling experience. Equipping males with a job interview outfit to keep and if employment is gained a 2nd work appropriate outfit to keep.

The service is run by an experienced stylist and job seeking professionals who are motivated and passionate about males looking good and feeling good about their job readiness.



  • Advantage men to feel more prepared and empowered for an interview by presenting themselves as the best candidates for the job
  • Alleviate the emotional stress and uncertainty around what is suitable to wear for a job interview
  • Alleviate the financial stress on sourcing suitable clothes for an interview 
  • Give men an enjoyable styling experience, choosing job interview attire that is flattering, comfortable, impressive and job appropriate
  • Enable the men a fresh perspective through fresh clothes improving their attitude and confidence towards the probability of getting a job
  • Give the men a visual indicator of a positive change in their presentation by showing them before and after photos of themselves.


The idea for this charity was born out of my support work while working for a family support service in 2011. I was engaging with a 16-year-old female client from a low socio economic family who had a job interview and nothing appropriate to wear, so we made an appointment at the Dress for Success service in Mt Eden.  My experience of using this service then lead me to realize that a similar service was not available to job seeking men in our Auckland community.


My background and training make me ideally suited to providing the Fix Up, Look Sharp service.  As well as a Bachelor in Social Work, I hold 18 years high- end fashion retail and styling experience, including managing a menswear store. I am very respected within the clothing retail industry, known for my art of engagement, styling, confidence building and providing an empowering experience.  In addition to my skills and experience I possess the absolute passion to drive this charity towards success. 

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